Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is Your Genealogy In The Cloud?

      As more and more genealogists and family historians leverage technology for research, many are using “The Cloud” whether they realize it or not. And then there are those who purposely store their data in a personal cloud. Doing so allows them to access their research from anywhere in the world and on practically any type of computer or mobile device.  

     There’s actually some history behind the use of the word cloud to describe the way a computer user accesses data stored somewhere other than his own computer. Years ago, when computer systems were mapped out using a flow chart, a cloud was the symbol for a remote server that hosted data and services. For the most part, this server was provided by another business or vendor and located off-site.

       If your tired of keeping your genealogy research data on multiple CDs, DVDs, flash drives, hard drives and in different locations? Cloud computing – the practice of storing data on a remote server – is a practical solution for genealogists.