Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Digitization Projects Opens up a Totally New Perspective

     We feel our library is a primary information provider and we are proud to offer this collection for our patrons and guests.  

     Digital copies play an important preservation role as surrogates protecting fragile and valuable originals from handling while presenting their content to a vastly increased audience. A digital version may someday be the only record of an original object that deteriorates or is destroyed. But digitization is not preservation – it is simply a means of copying original materials. In creating a digital copy, the institution creates a new resource that will itself require preservation. Unlike microfilm and other preservation media whose longevity is assured relatively easily by proper storage, digital resources face many questions about how their continued existence, accuracy, and authenticity can be assured.

     Please click on the links to view our high school yearbooks in digital format. 


White Hall High School